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Vision & Mission



Our Vision is to put together professionals with creative minds to understand the needs, to translate these needs to affordable and easy to use breakthrough medical device ideas, then the ideas into scientifically proved projects and economic realities for making people’s life better.



Our Mission is to develop a line of products that will change the diagnosis and treatment approaches for urinary and reproductive tract related diseases and dysfunctions of both sexes as well as diseases of gastro-intestinal and cardiovascular systems. These products aim to answer the growing demand for convenient products that are not only medically effective, but have minimal or no medical complications and are also cost effective.

Our Strategy

  • All R&D is performed either in-house or out-sourced, and self-funded.

  • Innoventions R&D strategy is to target special market opportunities, by developing products and applications based on its experience in developing medical devices.

  • Once proof-of-concept has been established partnerships are developed with relevant players in the form of capital investments (i.e. venture, angel), joint ventures, spinoffs or other mutually agreeable arrangements.

  • Innoventions market and long term strategy is to form alliances or strategic partnerships with key players in the urology, gynecology, gastro-enterology, interventional cardiology or pharmaceutical industry from the early proof-ofprinciple stages of its product developments.

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