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Novel and Secure Penile Clamp


Urology, Geriatrics, Andrology


Male urinary incontinence, from post woiding dribbling to total loss of control of the urinary sphincters is an “Under-Reported silent epidemic”. The uDry is a non-Penile Blood Flow Disturbing clamp for Male Incontinence Management. It compresses the urethra but allow undisturbed blood flow. The soft silicone covered device has firmer selective areas to compress the urethra, but without compressing the neurovascular structures of the penis that may cause numbness, edema or even gangrene when the compression is strong and used for long periods.


Effective and Safe for Continuous Use to keep the patient dry all day and night

  • Comfortable

  • Reusable, (Easy to Clean Wash & Wear)

  • Easy to Produce

R&D status:

3-D Printed working prototypes


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