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Keep Erect
Managing Unsustained Erections


Urology, UroGynecology


Temporary erection problems or a disappearing/unsustained erection can affect most men at some time of their lives. Losing an erection during sexual intercourse is usually caused by leaking penile veins (venous leak): blood that should normally remain trapped in the penis during erection can leak and cause a detumescence before reaching an orgasm. When chronically happening, unsustained erections can be treated by using medication (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra etc.) or by using “penile constriction rings”. Repeated drug use is costly and not always effective. Although penile rings prevent venous leaking, it causes a strangulation of the penis (including the urethra, the arterial flow and the nerves) resulting in painful ejaculations and also in penile numbness.

Innoventions developed two device designs for these cases :

  1. Soft silicone covered device with firmer areas to prevent venous leak but without compressing the urethra.

  2. Adding magnetic elements to the basic device to increase arterial blood inflow to the penis.


  • Soft and comfortable. Compressing mainly the dorsal and para-urethral veins to contain blood flow without  preventing arterial in-flow

  • A stand-alone product for men who can get an erection but cannot sustain it

  • Semi-malleable,  can be easily fitted over different penile sizes

  • Can be used whether the penis is  flaccid or erect 

  • Can be used over a condom

  • Can be used in conjunction with drugs such as Viagra, Cialis etc. and also with MUSE (intra-urethral drug) and injection therapy

  • Can be combined with vacuum erection devices

  • Unlike available penile rings, and can be worn for even a couple of hours.

  • It does not compress the urethra and allows non-obstructed ejaculation

  • It can easily be removed with 1 hand

  • Is re-usable

R&D status:

3-D Printed working prototypes of the 1st model


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