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On-demand Bladder Outlet Occluder


Urology / Uro-Gynecology


The ContiSphere is a device for sealing the bladder outlet with an intravesical balloon-shaped floating element, commanded by an external magnet. It is a single-use system for simple insertion and retrieval of the temporary, inflatable/deflatable proprietary intravesical balloon shaped device. It is a unique product concept by being entirely intravesical.  It does not maintain any connection outside the body after its insertion into the bladder. 

The ContiSphere was successfully studied in patients (86.3% success rates),  proving  its simple, effective and safe operation.



With approximately 50% of failure rates after Midurethral Slings for SUI at 5 to 7 years, a non-surgical alternative is needed. The ContiSphere is indicated for such SUI cases who failed surgery, for patients who prefer a non-surgical management for their SUI and for cases contraindicated for surgery.



Novel minimally-invasive approach giving  SUI patients a cost-effective solution

Easy insertion and exchange in a physician’s office setting

1-3 month indwelling depending on the local regulations

Better quality of life.

Reversible treatment at any time

R&D status:


 Joint venture with a Medical Device company in India

To be marketed initially in Q4 2019 in India (pending local regulatory approval)

Innoventions is looking for additional partnerships to make the ContiSphere available all over the world


IP status:

Multi-granted and pending patents

Business opportunity:

The total world market for Urinary Incontinence is estimated at around 40 million people, of which 80% are women.

In the first stage Innovention is targeting women who failed the conventional SUI treatments (sling procedures, periurethral bulking injectables, biofeedback etc. or are unfit for surgery or refuse surgical treatment. Therefore the focus of the efforts will be on these subgroups, making the potential target market 7.5 -8 M of women worldwide.

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