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BactX / CandX / TrichX / ChlamX
Naturally Fighting Vaginal Infections




Natural compounds based intra-vaginal device for preventing frequently recurring Candida, Trichomonas, Chlamidia and Bacterial vaginal infections. A remarkable number of natural compounds have strong anti-candida, anti-trichomonas, anti-chlamidia andti-bacterial effects. 

Encouraging  proof of concept studies indicate the ability of this approach (based on certain natural compounds) in such vaginal infections.



Vaginal candidiasis is common. In the United States, it is the second most common type of vaginal infection after bacterial vaginal infections. About 75% of women have at least one vaginal candida infection at some point in their lives while nearly half have at least two. Approximately 20% of women get an infection yearly. About 75% of women have at least one infection in their lifetime. The real number of such cases is not known.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 276 million cases of trichomoniasis happen each year around the world, about 3.7 million in the U.S.


Although there are very successful pharmacological treatments for these vaginal infections, up to 40% of women seek alternative  treatments for their recurrent vaginal infections.


Since most of these vaginal infections are related to sexual intercourse, prevention is important.



Short-term use after sexual intercourse.

R&D status:

The proof of concept for showing the ability of this device to release several natural compounds for vaginal infections are very encouraging.


IP status:


Business opportunity:

Millions of women all over the world who suffer from recurrent vaginal infections are the candidates for such preventive treatment.

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